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Saturday, March 11, 2017
Bronte Beach
Coogee Beach
Saturday is supposed to be on the cool side, but that's likely to be hot for us so we are going to do the famous Bondi to Coogee Beach walk today. I did find out that Bondi is pronounced 'Bond-eye' rather than the 'bondy' that I was saying. The Lonely Planet book says there is no shade to speak of here so we  want to get out early and we've sort of forgotten that it's Saturday. Take the bus over to Coogee, about 20 minutes and we are planning to do the  6 km walk to Bondi and back, returning as we came. We soon realize that there is no wilderness here, even though it's following the coastline, it's totally built up, side to side houses, condos, etc and we are walking sidewalks, dodging people and dogs, families and groups - it's not much fun and really not the type of thing we like, so at Bondi, after having a nice lunch, we abandon the plan to retrace our steps, get a bus back to Circular Quay

Bondi Beach
and wander around there for the rest of the afternoon. We find a flea market at the Rocks area and have an enjoyable time looking at local jewelry, clothing and stuff. We also take in the Museum of Modern Australian Art...can't say that I get modern art but it was interesting, sort of.
An early evening in the hotel, planning our next few days!
Fitbit, 14.8; MA, 11.5 km

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