Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Inside Art Gallery

Art Gallery (outside)
Saturday, Feb 25, 2017
Another beautiful day in Christchurch! Warm, 24C, sunny, with a bit of a breeze to cool off. We hit the Art gallery first thing. I love the sense of humour here, they do love a play on words. The art gallery is modern, sophisticated, a bit whimsical and free! A very enjoyable look at what makes Christchurch tick. Some of the current installations - 'a bad hair day' ( there is even a reference to you know who in America) and 'the devil's blind spot' are quite different and entertaining. Several of the exhibits are interactive - thought-provoking and entertaining. A trip to the Canterbury Museum followed lunch. Both the art gallery and museum had put a lot of effort into getting kids involved and interested with the exhibits. Lunch in a container restaurant, chicken bacon salad $18 per plate, a tad pricey and not really filling but tasty, but it's hard to go wrong with bacon! We had to pay for bottled water today, $5 for a 600ml bottle - we usually just have tap water for free, but they said they were too busy and cramped to bother with tap water. Everywhere you go, both in Australia and NZ they have been bragging about how great their tap water is and it does seem just fine so why pay extra?
We did some window shopping and looking in the container shops, lots of upscale, modern stuff. A busy Saturday shopping day with lots of people watching!
Head back to our lodging to pack up, ready to join our Backroads tour in the morning.

For dinner, we went next door to the 'Trenches' - turns out it's the legion. The specials included Jan's choice, chicken parmigiana (crumbed chicken fillet topped with Napoli Sauce and Parmesan cheese served with fries and petite salad), $22.50 and my choice, Pan-fried Tarakihi (a local fish with eggplant salsa and chilli prawns, herb roasted potatoes and petite salad) $26.50, both excellent! Salad in 'kiwi' becomes ' sel-ed' and most people don't want it!
Fitbit, 9.5 km. MA, 8 km

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