Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh manly, are we tired!

Friday, March 10, 2017
I got over my little snit and things are fine! Yesterday, after we got installed in our new hotel digs by noon, Janet wanted to get her hair and nails done. We found a shopping centre within 3 blocks of the hotel and while she was taking care of business, I had a chance to go out and familiarize myself with our new neighbourhood and get my bearings. Circular Quay is the main hub of Sydney. The trains, ferries and buses all go out from here. (That quay word, my brain keeps reminding me that it  is pronounced 'key' but my mouth still wants to say kway!) The weather here is back to quite warm, like high 20sC, getting close to too warm for us so we want plan our days to get the most out of the time we have left.
toward Sydney from North Head
Even though we left Manly, the district, yesterday, in somewhat of a huff, we still want to go back and take in the hiking and the atmosphere. We head out early in the morning, walking the 2 km to Circular Quay, after all, we're going to hike, so might as well get warmed up! Get the ferry over to Manly and we are going to hike the North Head which looks to be about 10 km. But before heading out to the wild, we get a couple of those birdseed bars at the same coffee kiosk as before. Janet has one this time and she agrees they are pretty good!
Shelly Beach
The path today is past Shelly beach and is a varied, up and down, fun hike - no one to give us the elevation gain here, but it is a bit challenging at times. Lots of scenery and lookouts back over to Sydney, plenty of birds and unique vegetation, a really good day, but we are kind of weary by the time we get back to Circular Quay. We have dinner on the way home's walk, at Jamie's Italian on Pitt Street. Pretty good Mr. Oliver!
Fitbit, 21.4 km; MA, 18.5 km

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